Delivering the highest possible standards of customer engagement and professionalism – that’s the message from the new chairman of an elite group of property professionals.

Ben Dreher, Director at Mansbridge Balment Plymouth City Office is determined to bring a new sense of dynamism to the Plymouth Area Property Professionals Association (PAPPA) during his two year long tenure at the helm.

“PAPPA has always been a benchmark for excellence across all aspects of the property process and every one of our members takes great pride in being part of what is a highly respected and powerful force in our industry,” said Ben.

“But we can all strive to do even better in our respective roles and one of my key targets over the coming months will be to attract new property professionals to the organisation, bringing fresh and innovative ideas that will enable us to raise the bar still further.

“We face many challenges currently, particularly in terms of the rise in online only agents, so it is vital that we continue to communicate the very real benefits of using established, licensed professionals committed to exceeding client expectation.” 

Ben is planning to introduce training opportunities for PAPPA members so they can stay ahead of the latest changes in property market rules and regulations. 

He is also looking to build on the successful developments of the association in the past 12 months, in which a new website was launched alongside a more active promotional campaign, via both social and conventional media channels.

“We made an excellent start in raising public awareness of the ethos of PAPPA and the important role it has to play in establishing customer confidence in our industry,” said Ben.

“I would particularly like to recognise the drive and determination of my predecessor Natalie Ebsworth for creating a new platform to bring the work of PAPPA more into the public eye.

“But equally, I recognise there is still much work to do in better getting our message out to the people of Plymouth and shining a light on the merits of having a PAPPA professional in your corner.”