They say a Homebuyers Property Report is worth its weight in gold!

But you can trust in a PAPPA property professional when they tell you that, in fact, it’s worth much more than that.

That’s because they have actually weighed up the evidence.

The average Homebuyer Report costs anywhere between £250 and £400, but it’s all about the physical weight in this crucial comparison.

At around 4ozs, that equates to £3,732 worth of gold at current UK prices of approximately £933 per oz., according to the calculations of PAPPA chairman Ben Dreher, a Director at Mansbridge Balment Plymouth.

Homebuyer Reports advise on any defects that may affect the value of a property in terms of repairs and ongoing maintenance, as well as indicate how much any problems could cost to fix further down the line 

“So just think, if your Homebuyers Report picks up that the property of your dreams will need a new roof at say £5,000 plus in the near future, it has been more than worth its weight in gold” said Ben.

“In all seriousness though, there is an important message here about the value of a report into what will almost certainly be the biggest purchase of an average person in their lifetime.

“In fact, you could say, it’s a golden opportunity not to be missed.”

Chartered Surveyor James Barron of Barron Surveying in Plymouth, a member of PAPPA, firmly believes that choosing the right survey is as important as choosing the house.

He urged home buyers to opt for a Building Inspection Report and to make sure it is done by a chartered surveyor. While it costs more than the Homebuyer Report, according to James, it is still worth its weight in gold.

“It’s a warts and all appraisal of exactly what you are buying,” said James.

“It will highlight the good and bad, putting each one into perspective. For example, you really shouldn’t be surprised to find that an 18th century chocolate box cottage in Devon has some damp issues – it’s how you manage those issues that’s important.”